Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lime Used To Eliminate Acne

How to remove acne scars using natural ingredients that you can do in the beauty treatment, how to get rid of acne scars using lemon for example. It can be used as a controller in the face of excess oil, lemon juice is also famous for it removes stains found on the face.

Lemon juice to remove acne scars that form black spots or blemishes on the face of the obvious in your face. Efficacy of lime than able to cope with problems such as dark spots on the face, in this article we will discuss about the benefits of lemon juice to remove acne scars on the face.

Lemon-sized rather large you split into several parts, you simply rub the slices of lemon on the part of your face. Focus on areas such as acne scars are dark spots, rub gently to avoid damage to your skin. Once scrubbed thoroughly and evenly and let stand until slightly dry (about 20 minutes). After a rather dry out then wash your face with clean water.

In addition to using lemon juice to remove acne scars with a rub, you can also use a squeeze of lemon juice to remove acne scars. Wash your face using freshly squeezed lemon juice routine every night before bed. Before washing your face using a squeeze of lemon juice first wash your face with clean water and then rinse using a squeeze of lemon juice then rinse again using clean water.

Lemon mask for acne scars menghilangakan, in addition to using both methods is to remove acne scars on your face. This lime can also make as your acne mask lifting dead skin cells on your face. Squeeze lemon juice into a container and add the honey mix them up evenly, then you can wear it as a mask to remove acne scars.

Things to consider when wearing natural lime remover acne scars are. Avoid the use of lemon juice on the acne that still leaves wound / bleeding, this will cause a wound that is still wet wide. We recommend using lemon juice to remove acne scars on the acne scars are completely dry, or apply lemon juice to remove acne scars is the acne scars that have turned black due to dead skin cells.

Another benefit of the use of lime as a reliever you use this acne scar is the skin look brighter, firmer, avoid the fine wrinkles on the face, blackheads disappear even can make the face softer.


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